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I am PHP developer in India. I am eager to learn new thing which are coming in IT flied. I developed applications in Core PHP, Magento, Wordpress, joomla, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery. I am trying to learn new thing through out my career.

Find Products with No Images

You can find the collection for below code.

$_products = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')
array (
'attribute' => 'image',
'like' => 'no_selection'
array (
'attribute' => 'image', // null fields
'null' => true
array (
'attribute' => 'image', // empty, but not null
'eq' => ''
array (
'attribute' => 'image', // check for information that doesn't conform to Magento's formatting
'nlike' => '%/%/%'

you can got all product list which has no Images assign.