Keyul Shah
Keyul Shah
Magento Certified Developer
Magento Certified Developer

I am Professional Services Application Engineer at Automation Anywhere. Now a days we are working with Robotics Process Automation in ANZ Bank Bangalore Hub. I have knowledge about Robotics Process Automation(RPA), Core PHP, MVC Design pattern, Magento,  WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Mobile jQuery, MySQL.

I am trying to learn new thing throughout my career.

Hope you Like my Blog and you have got proper answers which you want.Thanks for viewing.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. i sure wish i knew how to do what you seem so good at, the vocabulary is like a foreign language to me.:-) just thought id’ visit a bit to thank you for the likes and follow of my poetry, the encouragement is really appreciated.

    have a wonderful day…….

  2. Hi Keyul,

    I found yor solution “Export Product Data & Attributes to PDF” on an other page an I would like to use this in a shop.

    How can I build a button on the product view to get an popup with the PDF-Export of the product details?

    Please give me a hint. thank you1

    sorry, for my poor english 🙂

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