Magento 2 Test Automation – is it Helping? YES!

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Magento 2 is more than a revamped platform – automating testing has also been a significant investment. But is it paying off? Is test automation worth the effort? YES! Here is the data to prove it.

Disclaimer: opinions expressed here are my own and not necessarily that of my employer. Please also note the data shown here has not been verified. Since this is not an official eBay communication I also removed absolute numbers – it’s the trend lines that matter anyway.

Development Practices

In a previous post I described the types of testing being employed on Magento 2. The team has continued to invest in a range of test cases for the different areas. The work is by no means complete or up to what the team believes is a satisfactory level. But the coverage has been improving, enough to see substantive benefits as a result.

Internally development…

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