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Magento Youtube Video Gallery extension

Youtube Video Gallery



This Video Gallery Extension is beneficial to Merchants, who want to display their line of Products and Services to their Prospective/Current Users through Youtube Video Gallery.

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  1. Admin have to add only Youtube Video URL, once the URL is added, it will automatically fetch the name of the Video and its thumbnail from the Youtube Server. Thus the load on the server is reduced and performance is improved.
  2. Admin can make changes, e.g. edit, delete, multiple selection and export to CSV / Excel formats to manage the Video Gallery.
  3. Admin can also manage the settings of Video Gallery by – Enabling / Disabling the Video, Gallery Title, its Description and Height & Width of the Video.
  4. Another very important feature is that if the Video is disabled, then a notification will be displayed and the user will automatically be redirected to the homepage within 5 seconds.
  5. Unlimited Videos can be added to the list.


  1. After Installing this extension you have to remove your cache from admin panel.
  2. For Enable this extension go Video Gallery >> Video Gallery Settings From admin panel.


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