How to configure an iPhone|iPod Theme for Magento

Generally the client has demand that when any customer open a e-commerce web site in iPhone | iPod then it will render different theme rather then official theme.

I have write some solutions for all clients.

Step 1 : Open and Login with your Magento admin panel.

Step 2 : Go to System >> Configuration >> Design


Step 3 : Under each Text box, click in “Add Excepion”,  in “Matched Expression” you have to       write:  iPhone|iPod

Step 4 : And after that you have to assign avalue like theme name suppose theme name is iphone

It Will Look like as below. you can also refer From this snap

Magento iPhone  theme set
Magento iPhone theme set

Magento is very smart. It will automatically detects if the browser is opening the theme from an iPhone or iPod and reads wich theme is from the “Value” option and based on that it will render theme

Hope you like this Article.   🙂


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