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How To integrate Face Book Page Follow link In Your Site?

Step – 1 : First Identified at which place you want to place your like button on your site.

Step – 2 : Then Copy and paste bellow code as per the instructions.

src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/follow.php?href=ENTER YOUR PAGE URL&layout=standard&show_faces=true&colorscheme=light&font&width=450&appId=ENTER YOUR APP ID"
scrolling="no" frameborder="0"
style="border:1px solid #000; width:300px; height:100px"

Note : [ replace with < and ] replace with >

Step – 3 :    Where

=> href – the URL of the page. The plugin will display photos of users who have liked this page.
=> action – an action type. The plugin will display photos of users who have connected to your app via this action.
=> app_id – if you want the plugin to display users who have connected to your site, specify your application id as this parameter. This parameter is only available in the iframe version of the Facepile. If you are using the XFBML version of the plugin, specify your application id when you initialize the Javascript library.
=> max_rows – the maximum number of rows of faces to display. The XFBML version will dynamically size its height; if you specify a maximum of four rows of faces, but there are only enough friends to fill two rows, the XFBML version of the plugin will set its height for two rows of faces. Default: 1.
=> width – width of the plugin in pixels. Default width: 300px. Minimum width: 200px.
=> size – size of the photos and social context. Default size: medium.
=> colorscheme – the color scheme for the like button. Options: ‘light’, ‘dark’.

Step – 4 : If you do not have appid then please refer this post How To create a Facebook App Id And Secret id?

Step – 5 : ENTER YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE URL, ENTER YOUR APP ID and adjust height, width and style as per your requirement.